Finished Serendipity?

Cursing my name? I know, that cliffhanger was the worst. But I'm not entirely evil. 

So here's a sneak peek...

Providence: Damnation MC Book 2 

Releasing 13th of June, 2020

Unedited and Subject to Change

Chapter One


I once met a woman so perfect, that loving her had melted me down to atoms and rebuilt me into a man that was made to love only her. 

I once lost a woman so perfect, that her death shattered me into gore and matter, nothing but a storm of guilt and regret. 

I once met a woman so imperfect, that wanting her had gathered all my pieces and built them back up again.

I refused to lose her. 

“Do something!” I yelled, uncaring that I was screaming at the Devil and a fucking Archangel. Goliath was roaring her name, shaking her shoulders like it would somehow wake her up. 

Then the Devil snapped his fingers. 

I froze, my mouth open in a roar of outrage. My body was paralyzed, stuck like I'd been pinned by invisible bonds. 

All the sound had been sucked from the room, and if it wasn’t for the fact that my mind was still racing, I would have thought we’d been frozen in time.

Lucifer sighed and pinched his nose.

The Archangel Raphael moved for, stroking his hand over Serendipity’s stomach, tutting softly beneath his breath. Then he ran a hand over her heart, and his face a mask of sadness. 


I refused to believe it. 

He turned back to Lucifer. “You know I can’t do this, Luc. The very idea that I would save either of these creatures would be to spit in the face of the Father himself.” 

The Golden Angel, Gusion from what I remembered, was still standing still, drained of color, horror leeching his features. 

“It can’t be,” he repeated. 

The Archangel turned his head to the Golden Angel, his sadness morphing into anguish. “Yet it is.” 

Lucifer looked annoyed. “I’m meant to be near-omnipotent, so I abhor being the last person to know things. What cannot be?” 

Gusion grabbed Lucifer’s face in a grip that few would dare consider and turned it toward Dippy. “Look at her Luc. Really look.” His face was panicked, the raw animalistic panic of a person who’s whole world order was beginning to crumble. 

Lucifer frowned, staring at Dippy. “She looks unwell, I can see that Gus. Actually, she does look a little familiar…” Seeing the Devil look gobsmacked was a sight I was never going to forget. “It cannot be,” he gasped out. 

He looked at Raphael, whose face was one of anguish. “You see why I cannot help her, Luc. I have already defied the Father once, over another child who should not be.” 

“She’s Gusion’s-”

“She’s my daughter,” Gusion said as whirled to the Archangel, drawing a sword I hadn’t even seen up until that point. 

“You will save her, Raphael, or so help me I will slaughter you where you stand. You have stolen her from me once, I refuse to let you do so again. Save her now. Save them.” 

If he hadn’t been umming and ahhing about saving the woman who had stolen my heart, I would have felt sorry for the Archangel Raphael, who was obviously tormented. “You can’t kill me, Gusion, otherwise I’d happily let you run me through.” 

Great. Dippy’s only hope was a depressed fucking Archangel. 

Lucifer’s eyes shot toward Goliath. He pointed in G’s direction. “That one says that the Archangel Michael already knows of her existence, and that of the child, so you can be sure the Father knows. They did nothing wrong, have not slighted the Father in any way. There have been no orders about the girl or the child from above. You are free to do what is right this time, Old Friend.” 

Raphael tilted his head. “And how could you know about the orders of heaven, Lucifer Morningstar?” 

Luc gave the Archangel a smug grin and winked. Fucking winked. Like my heart wasn’t dying on the bed in front of them. Luc looked at me and rolled his eyes. “It does not matter how I know, Raph. Just save the girl. You know in your heart that it's the right decision, that sentencing an innocent woman and child to death due to Uriel's abhorrent actions is wrong. It is the legions of Heaven who have put her in this situation. Right the wrongs of your Brother, Raphael. It is the only righteous choice. Let us not pretend we all don’t know what you do in the Middle East. You are defying the Father’s plan, even if you aren’t using your gifts to do so.” 

Fuck, he was compelling. Now I know why you weren’t meant to make deals with the Devil. 

I could see Raphael wrestle with the decision, but then he sighed. He placed a hand on Gusion’s shoulder. “Okay. I shall do this for you, my fallen Brother.” 

I wanted to scream for him to fucking hurry, as I wracked my brain for what I knew about the Archangel Raphael. Shit, I should have spent less time holding my dick and more time researching the fucking Legions of Heaven. They seemed pretty positive that this guy could help Dippy where the Devil could not, and I had to have faith that they were right. 

It was a pity I’d fucking lost all my faith a long time ago. 

Raphael stood over Dippy, his delicate hands spread wide, like he was trying to use the goddamn Force to deliver the baby. After a moment, the pressure in the room increased so brutally that I was positive my remaining eye would explode inside my skull. 

Then Serendipity’s stomach unfurled back like a freaking flower, a warm golden light surrounding her. Raphael reached inside her like she was Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, and levitated out a baby. 


It was beautiful. He was beautiful. Beautiful golden skin like his mama, a tuft of unnaturally red hair on top of his head. 

And wings. Beautiful, slightly damp, white wings, threaded with blue and gold. I wanted to cry. The Archangel looked down at the baby, his smile seemed even sadder still. “Hello little one,” he crooned, turning to hand the baby to the Angel’s behind him. 

Angels I didn’t know. I didn’t trust. 

“No!” I roared, drawing up the power of the Horseman inside me, not freeing it from the confines of my body, but letting it infuse my limbs all the same. I gently snatched the baby from the arms of the Archangel, who stared at me dumbly, as did the rest of the Angels in the room. 

“He is not yours. He belongs to Serendipity, and we will guard him until she is better,” I growled, clutching the baby gently to my chest, daring any of them to defy me. 

The Archangel Raphael didn’t fight me, moving back to heal Serendipity. Lucifer looked oddly proud, and the golden angel looked as if he wanted to rip off my head and jam it somewhere uncomfortable. 

Fuck him. I made a vow. I didn’t know him, and I didn’t owe him a fucking thing. 

Luc snapped his fingers, and the rest of my Brothers, and Marco, sprang back into motion. Goliath whipped his shirt off, and I handed the baby to him quickly and gently. 

Goliath wrapped the infant in his huge shirt, the babe still quiet but alert. I wanted to study Goliath as he held this fragile life in his huge hands, but I didn’t dare take my eyes off the Angels in front of me for too long. 

Gusion stepped forward. “You must heal her now, Raphael. If you ever loved me at all, you will fix her.” The edge of desperation colored his voice, and it was the same desperation I felt in my soul. 

With another intense wave of golden light, Raphael healed her stomach, until it was perfectly flat. He ran his hand upwards, over her breasts, which made me want to growl but I resisted when it stopped just below her clavicle.

I held my breath, my eyes glued to her face. I couldn’t blink. I couldn’t look away for even a second because I wasn’t convinced she wouldn’t just disappear. The Archangel’s hand glowed softly, his brow creased in concentration as the light grew and grew until my eyes were streaming with tears, but still I refused to avert my gaze. 

Finally, the glow stopped and the Archangel stood tall. But Serendipity didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t move. She still looked- 

My mind refused to even think about it. 

The Archangel finally turned in my direction, his large, soft eyes boring into mine. “She should live. But her body needs rest.” He looked again at the baby, to where Goliath had it clutched to his chest with one huge arm, his free hand holding his gun, resting it at his side. I might have imagined it, but the Archangel's lips twitched a little at the corners. 

Raphael bowed his head. “Until we meet again, Horseman.” Then he disappeared, leaving behind Luc and Gusion. 

I didn’t think Gusion was breathing either. He stepped forward, and I stepped with him. He gave me a tortured look. 

“I thought she was dead. I fell because she was dead, because they had stolen her from me.” 

Cain shot him a look that was laced with far more compassion than I would ever have the capacity to feel. I would remove his head from his body if he even looked at her sideways. I was pretty sure it would be the last thing I’d ever do, but it would be worth it for her. I was beginning to think I would raze the world for this woman. 

But I couldn’t love her. 

Luc stepped forward, a heavy hand on Gusion’s shoulder. “We all did, Gus. She split the Heavens, even if she hadn’t meant to do it. She was the most innocent of all innocents.”

Gusion reached out and pressed his fingertips to her cheek., letting out a shuddering breath. “You’ve been alone for so long,” he said, his voice choking with emotion. 

“She’s not alone anymore,” Cain said softly from her other side. “Never again.” 

Gusion looked up at Cain this time, his golden eyes meeting deep brown ones. He inclined his head, finally looking around the room at all the men who had tied their lives to his daughter. His eyes stilled on Goliath and the baby and he swallowed hard. He tried to force a smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “At least I know the baby will be protected. But I’ll rend you limb from limb myself if you hurt either of them. Any of you.” 

Goliath growled, and Solomon reached out and put a reassuring hand on his arm. “She is safer with us than she has ever been with your kind,” Solomon said matter of factly. “And so will he.”

Gusion stroked Serendipity’s hair once more. “She looks just like her mother.” His eyes got wet, and his body shuddered. He looked over his shoulder at Luc. “I have to go. Hope… I have to tell them.” Lucifer hugged Gusion tight to his body. I was so fucking shocked by the display of fucking warmth, I almost fell over. The Devil never struck me as a hugger. “Go, Brother. They will both be safe here. My Horsemen will protect them.” The or else wasn’t even subtly implied. 

Gusion sent both Sera and the baby one last longing look. “I’ll return.” Then he disappeared. It was again just us, the Horsemen and their fucking General. 

He looked us all over, his eyes calculating like he was wondering how hard it would be to steal both Sera and the baby from us. Instead, he sighed. 

“You hold the true heir to Hell in your hands. A baby born of the Great Fall. Many will want him. Some will try to take him. Let me be clear right now. If anything happens to either of them, there isn’t a level of Hell depraved enough to describe what I will do to you.” 

He stepped toward Sera, and I moved to block him. “We will protect them both, even from you, Lucifer.” 

He smiled at me like I was a good dog that had just done a brand new trick. “Especially from me.” His eyes softened when he looked at the sleeping Sera again. “The last time I saw her, she was the size of this one. So beautiful, so new. Proof that life moves outside the whims of Heaven. My heart broke for my best friend when she was taken from him. From us.” His lips curled. “And now she has given us further proof. As you modern humans say, my consort is going to shit when she finds out.” He let out a low chuckle. “I’ll be watching, Horsemen.” 

Then he was gone too. It was just the five of us and our beauty who slept. And a tiny baby born with wings. 

Life just got interesting. 


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