A Damnation MC Novel


Happiness was a funny thing. It could grip you in its arms in even the darkest of times, and you just had to hold on tight enough to keep it forever. 


If Serendipity ever got the chance, she might actually thank Uriel for locking her away in Purgatory. Sure, she’d probably rip off his balls and force feed them to him first, but still, she was woman enough to admit that if it wasn’t for him, she might have never known this kind of happiness. She had four (and a half) men who adored her, a child who should never have been but was perfect anyway, and something she’d never thought she would ever possess. 


A family. 


But still, danger lurks in the shadows, biding its time, waiting to strike. Human trafficking Cartels trying to push into Damnation territory and threatening everything the Horsemen love. The shady, malevolent organization Tenebrae haunting their every step, waiting to take back what they think is theirs. 


And then there was the small problem of Cain’s favor to the Devil himself. 


But until those problems came knocking at her door, she'd enjoy her time seducing the Four Horsemen and a sultry killer. 


If only Serendipity knew that those problems were already on her doorstep, ready and waiting.

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This was a great series. I had this book on my kindle and once I started on book one, I could not put it down until I finished the series. I had to know the ending. I love unpredictability in books. There were so many loops that I was never quite certain if our main character would prevail in her hopes. Gotta love Grace McGinty's creativity and skill for blurring the lines between religious beliefs and other possibilities. It's almost scary to think it through. I am looking forward to reading more of Grace's works.

Kiki - Amazon Reviews


I have been waiting so long for this last part of the book and when it came out I was scared to read it first because I know what had happened at the end of the last book. I was happily surprised at how this book turned out but I am sad that it is over and I’m hoping that the offer is being serious in her little footnote about spinoff series

Amanda Kaye - Top 1000 Reviewer


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