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Narrated by Brook Daniels and Grayson Owens

I moved out to LA to participate in a Graphic Design scholarship that turned out to be fake. That was just my luck. But there was no way I could return home. Not to the already disappointed faces of my parents, who have never believed that ‘fiddling around on your computer’ was an actual career.

Not back to my friends who thought I was insane for breaking up with my long-term boyfriend to move out here in the first place.

Not back to Georgia, full stop.

So when I saw an advert in the creative pages for a graphic design and video editing job with three social media influencers–room and board included–it seemed too good to be true. It had to be a skeezy porn director trawling for new 'models', right? But I was desperate and I was willing to try anything.

Turns out, I was half right.

They were social media influencers alright, but for ClickHeart, a subscription service where… well… they got naked. A lot. Sure, sometimes Everett cooked (naked) and Harrison did pottery (naked) but Darwin literally just stroked his ginormous– Well, you get the point. After their previous video editor uploaded their stuff to The Hub without their permission, the guys had decided it was necessary to have their own live-in designer. But they wanted a guy. Not a girl who was deceptively named Blake.

It might have been an accident that they invited me to their place for an interview, but they were the stepping stone I needed to stay in LA and finally achieve my dreams. I just had to get real cool with a lot of things real fast. Should be fine, right?

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The Daymakers

Narrated by Alexis Paige, James Cassidy, Grayson Owens, and Theo Sinclair

The Daymakers were the hottest alt-rock band since the nineties, the masked members making fans swoon at the very thought of who might be hiding under the skull masks. Known only by their stage names–Royal, Hero, Poet and Knight–their real identities were a carefully held secret.

I was third-generation white trash who had no value to society. That was a direct quote from my guidance counselor, by the way. She wasn’t wrong, not really. My mom had OD’ed and my dad was in prison. I had no one and nothing.

Our paths should never have crossed. But by a weird twist of fate–and the flying fists of my ex-boyfriend–I ended up in the wrong place at the right time. Hiding from my ex beneath a tour bus, I was a convenient solution to an ongoing problem for the tour company.

They needed their band members to stop screwing random groupies and risking the anonymity which brought in millions of dollars for both the band and the label.

I needed to get the hell away from LA and earn enough money to have a fresh start.
I was taking back my future, and if that meant going on tour across the country as a glorified toy for the pleasure of some masked rockstars, then it was my choice.

Unfortunately, the demons of my past weren’t done with me yet.

THE DAYMAKERS is a standalone why choose, RH, rockstar romance. This book has sensitive topics. Always check the trigger warnings.

Please note, clicking buy will take you my audiobook store. All audiobook sales are fulfilled through BookFunnel

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