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Unashamed lover of hot alphas and steamy romance novels. Author of Reverse Harem Romance and Contemporary Romance, also connoisseur of cat videos and chocolate. Author of the HELL'S REDEMPTION SERIES, THE AZAR TRILOGY, NEWLY UNDEAD IN DARK RIVER and the contemporary novels THE LAST NOTE and BRIGHT LIGHTS FROM A HURRICANE.

Newly Undead.jpg
Newly Undead In Dark River (Dark River Days #1)

Welcome to Dark River. No one lives here. 


When Mika McKellen woke up in a stormwater drain while backpacking around Canada, she knew that her mother was right. If you made bad choices, you would end up dead in a ditch. But when she stumbled into Dark River, even her mother would never have dreamed up the residents of this small town in the middle of nowhere, Alberta. 


Oh, it had all the usual suspects. Quirky diner owners, untrustworthy outcasts and a Sheriff so hot he’d make any red-blooded woman with a heartbeat beg to be in cuffs in the back of his patrol vehicle. No, the really unusual thing about Dark River was that it was entirely populated by the Undead. Vampires to be specific. And so was Mika.


As Mika adjusts to the life of a Vampire, a dark presence stalks her from the shadows. One of the residents of Dark River was her maker and her murderer. 


And they were determined to ensure that Mika never rested in peace.




Happily Undead In Dark River


There was no wake-up call quite like almost exsanguinating your main love interest while being compelled by your unhinged Maker. 

No longer hanging onto her past as Mika McKellen, human, Raine was determined to take her new life and live it at one hundred percent. She was no longer an unwilling victim. She was a badass vampire and the (slightly exhausted) lover of several supernatural hotties. She'd been through enough now, so she was ready for a happily-ever-after that was filled with love and rainbows and lots and lots of mind-blowing sex. Sure, there was still the looming threat of an investigation by the ruthless Vampire Nation, but she'd done nothing wrong. 

But when her long overdue, first real date with the sexy Sheriff is interrupted by someone bleeding on the floor of the diner, Raine began to wonder if there was even such a thing as happily-ever-after? It sure seemed like the Universe was mad she hadn't died in that ditch all those months ago. 

But no one was unlucky enough to die twice in one year, right? 

Happily Undead in Dark River is the second book in the Dark River Days series.

The Last Note.jpg
The Last Note

Harper’s relationship with her mother, Evie, had always been strained and filled with secrets. But when Evie dies of breast cancer, Harper feels lost. There was no more time to make peace and get answers to questions that had plagued her for her whole life. 

That is, until Knoxfeld Long, her mother’s stupidly attractive lawyer, turns up on her doorstep with the chance to find out exactly what she’s always wanted to know: Who is her father?

Evie had left her only daughter an expensive Memory Reconstruction, allowing her the chance to live her mother’s memories for a few days, and get swept up in her parents’ whirlwind romance. 

But as they delve further into the past, Harper has to ask herself if she really wants to know, or if some questions are better left unanswered.

The Redeemable

Arcadia was prepared to die alone, working boring temp jobs and eating cereal out of the box, until the time came that her heart finally gave out.

But a chance meeting on the subway changes everything. Now she's shacked up with not one guy, but seven intriguing men who are as sexy as well...sin.
But she'll soon discover that there is more to the guys than their attractive appearance. Their meeting was not as happenstance as she was led to believe.


Arcadia will have to make a choice: boring safety or sexy adventure?

This is a reverse harem serial that will be released in 25k word instalments.
Recommended for 18+ as it contains some pantie-melting sex scenes.

The Unrepentant : The Complete Novel

When Estrella’s twin sister Hope is abducted outside a conference in Geneva, Estrella’s carefully ordered world takes a sharp left turn into darkness. She vows revenge on the human traffickers that abducted Hope, and her best friend Charlie has her back, always.


Throw in two wildly inappropriate gifts from her pseudo-parent Lucifer, and a sexy mercenary from her past, and she has everything she needs to break the people who broke Hope. Blood will spill and her inner darkness will rise, but Estrella doesn’t care.


She has never been the good twin.

The Fallen: The Complete Novel​

Hope had always been different. The child that should never have been. A fragile creature who’s empathy made her universally loved by those who knew her. An anomalous mixture of both humanity and the Divine, she walked the line between human and something more.


After she was abducted while on a business trip in Europe, Hope is forced to try and find herself beneath the emotions and expectations of others. However, that’s a hard thing to do when she is surrounded by Fallen Angels that seem to want something from her, The Angel of Death who keeps appearing to stare at the “aberration” like she was as an animal at the Zoo, and a hitman who’d been coerced into being her bodyguard, and seems to swing from liking her to hating her on a minute by minute basis. Her life was a complicated mess.

Bright Lights From A Hurricane

Olivia Jefferson has always been a good little automaton. At least, that’s what her best friend Angela had always told her. She was a dutiful daughter, straight A student, and a devoted friend. 

But when Angela dies at seventeen of terminal brain cancer, Olivia’s automaton life gets turned upside down.


She made a promise that she would finish Angela’s bucket list for her.
 But number one is to go on the scariest ride at the County Fair, Hell’s Hurricane, and number two is to go on a Grand Adventure. Both seem impossible. 
So when a pretty, blue eyed carnie boy offers her a place on the carnival for the summer, she couldn’t possibly go, right?


Deciding to abandon her well planned future, Olivia follows the carnival along the bottom States, from Florida to LA. What she learns as she works her way through Angela’s bucket list will make her reexamine her dreams, her beliefs and make her really question: Who is Olivia Jefferson?


Hunter and Marcel are in the business of International Acquisitions. By force if necessary. Okay, so they are modern-day pirates, but they have a strict moral code. They steal things, not people.

Unfortunately, their latest mission means their moral code get's thrown out to sea when they are forced to acquire Dr Laurel Whitney along with their prize.
Soon, they are hoping that the good Doctor might make their twosome into a threesome for a little pleasure at sea.

This is a MMF menage novella with a HEA. Recommended for 18+ and fans of sexy modern pirates or hot anthropologists.

IMG_7018 2.JPG
Castle Of Carnal Desires

When Aili Gowan's boss insisted that she project manage the creation of a new hotel in Scotland, she knew it would come with a catch. She wasn't surprised when her boss wanted a boutique sex hotel built in a crumbling Scottish castle in the middle of nowhere. She was only moderately surprised when her contactor and consulting sexologist were sexy Scottish twins. No, the real surprise was that the castle wasn't as empty as she originally thought. 

Aili has to battle protesting townspeople, escalating violence, and her own desires, to get the project finished and still have a job when she returned to the States. 
This novella is a reverse harem and contains swearing, sex and twins.

Smoke and Smolder
Book One of The Azar Trilogy

Azar Nazemi is a firefighter with an ancient secret; she is Ifrit. A race of Djinn, or Genies as they are known to Westerners, the Ifrit have the ability to read a fire and mold it to their will. That makes her job a whole lot easier.

When her crew attends a series of deadly arsons that appear to have been lit by one of her own kind, Azar knows it is up to her to track down the rogue Ifrit and stop him before he kills more people. There's only one problem; she’s spent a lifetime avoiding other Djinn and ensuring that the Djinn Ruling Council have no knowledge of her existence. A cold and brutal regime, the Djinn Council want to conscript her into slavery for one hundred years.

As she pursues the Rogue, Azar will break the rules of secrecy that surround her world and enlist the help of human Arson Detective, Keenan Reilly. A chauvinist to the core, Detective Reilly has always rubbed Azar up the wrong way, mostly because she'd like him to rub her up the right way, despite her better judgement. But if she is to save her friends and the millions of people who call New York City home, then she is going to have to make a few sacrifices and bend a few rules.

Burn & Blaze Ebook.jpg
Burn and Blaze
Book Two of The Azar Trilogy

The Djinn have revelled in their position as the apex predator of the supernatural world for longer than Azar could remember. They held all the power and they wielded it with brutal finality. Being forced into fifty years of servitude only confirmed what she already knew; the Djinn Council put their pride above doing what was right or fair. 


Admittedly, it could have been worse. She has a reasonably cushy job, a budding romance with the very attractive Bast, a few unexpected friends, and a little bit of freedom so she didn't beat against the gilded cage of her servitude too much.


But all that changes when Djinn kids begin showing up torn to pieces and set on fire. Tasked with tracking down a hate group that has it out for her kind, she travels to Canada on her first mission with The Adel, the Djinn military. 


However, what she finds in the Canadian wilderness will threaten everything she takes for granted; her relationships, her sense of self, and even the very foundations of the Djinn regime. 


The Djinn are about to find out that even the predators can quickly become the prey.

Rage & Ruin Ebook.jpg
Rage and Ruin
Book Three of The Azar Trilogy


The supernatural world is in chaos. The Djinn Council are dead, the body count is rising daily, and the Adel forces are scattered and leaderless. But this is only the beginning. The Fae are amassing an army that threatens to decimate the already weakened Djinn people.  


Their mission? To subjugate or destroy the other supernatural inhabitants of the planet, until they can rise up as the New Gods.


Azar Nazemi was comfortable in her role of black sheep of Djinn society. She’d even grown used to her servitude. Now her world was in tatters, and her instincts told her to run and hide. But the pressure of a divine prophecy, a lover who no longer had a corporeal form, and the guardianship of the next King of the Seelie Fae meant running was no longer an option.  


The world might be in tatters, but she’d finally found something she was willing to stand and fight for, people she had grown to love, and the promise of a life she had only dreamed could be real.


Could she stand up and become the unlikely hero that the Djinn needed, and maybe make a brave new world in the process? 


Rage and Ruin is the third and final book in The Azar Trilogy.

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