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The Daymakers Trigger Warnings

The Daymakers may contain triggering content around the subjects of domestic violence, and emotional and physical abuse, especially in the opening chapter. If these themes are potentially detrimental to your mental health, please read with caution and take care of yourself. 

This is not a dark romance, and the MMC’s are marshmallows, so any triggering content comes from outside influences. This book also contains prostitution (of a sort) and wrongful arrest.

Inside The Maelstrom Trigger Warnings

 Inside The Maelstrom centers around mental illness. It contains references to suicide, destructive behaviour, eating disorders and bipolar. 

It also contains emotional abuse from a parental figure.

However, at its very core, this is a book about hope and while no one is ever "cured", they do find contentment, however that looks for them. 

Trigger Warnings - Books containing parental/tragic death. 

Since the days of Batman (and honestly way, way before), parental death has been used as a plot device to test the protagonist of the novel. 

I shamelessly also use it as a plot device. Maybe one day I'll advance beyond it, but that day isn't today. Books containing deaths as a motivator include: 

The Last Note

Bright Lights From A Hurricane

Make My Heart Race

Sticks and Stone

8 Seconds to Fly



Heart of the Hounded

The Daymakers

The Redeemable

The Unrepentant

Tangled Threads Of Fate

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