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1000 Member Monster Teaser

From the upcoming Eden Academy Novel

“Next up we have the new kid, Flint, and a crowd favorite, Monster. This is sure to be a good fight. Get your bets on now.” 

Oh no. 


I swayed on my feet, and Sammie grabbed my arms. “Carmen, are you okay?” he whispered, but I couldn’t drag my eyes away. Monster deserved his name. Even in a world of animals, he was a savage. Brutal. He liked to torture his opponents before he snapped their necks. It was barbaric, and usually I liked to fight before he came on so I could go home before I had to watch. 

He couldn’t fight Flint. 

The two fighters stepped into the ring, Monster first, huge and scarred, one side of his body burnt. Rumor had it, his pack had been so horrified by his actions, they’d burned him at the stake. But he’d managed to get free, and murdered them all. No one could prove it, and at this stage it was probably more likely to be an urban legend than fact. 

“A djinn?” Sammie whispered, and I whipped my eyes back to the ring, as Flint stepped inside. Was that what he was? 

“How can you tell?” 

“The things on his wrists, they are slave cuffs. They’re illegal, but they were once used to bind Djinn to their masters for a hundred years.” 

The actual hell? There were several things wrong with this whole thing. No one should be a slave, and Flint was what, like eighteen or nineteen? That meant he had over eighty years to go being a slave. I knew deep down in my gut I wouldn’t let this stand. I’d figure out a way to get him out of this.  

The second thing was how did Sammie, a human, know about Djinn and I didn’t? 

The fight started, and Flint weighed up his opponent. Monster just stared at him with dead eyes. Flint’s hands went up in flames and I gasped. Monster flinched slightly, but his posture didn’t change at all.

Rat knew what he was doing, the sick bastard.

Monster was still loose and ready for whatever Flint threw at him. So when Flint stepped forward, his flaming fist swinging at Monster’s face, the big guy sidestepped it easy. Then his face morphed, and his teeth elongated, antlers growing from his head as he partially shifted.

“What the fuck…” Sammie whispered behind me, and I looked at him with wide eyes. 

“Monster is a Wendigo.”

Flint reared back, his other hand coming up to protect his face. He dodged Monster’s fist, and laid a decent hit to the other creature's stomach. But he wasn’t quick enough. 

Monster got inside Flint’s guard and snapped two quick punches to his face, sending him to the floor. 

“Get up, get up,” I whispered, but the force behind Monster’s punch must have rattled his brain, because he struggled to his knees, but not fast enough to dodge a kick to the ribs. I heard them crack and my heart cracked too. I couldn't stand by and do nothing. I looked over at Sammie, but he must have been on the same page, because he nodded, his hand going to his gun.

Monster was on top of Flint, his huge boulder sized fists slamming into his face as those long, jagged teeth bared. He was going to tear out his throat, then put his hand in Flint’s chest and eat his heart. It was his signature move, and the crowd was almost giddy with excitement. 

I couldn’t let that happen. 

I shoved my way through the crowd, and dived into the ring, breaking the fight rings number one rule. I was on my own now, the crowd had full authority to tear me apart for interrupting the fight, and Rat's guards would standby and let them.

I hit Monster with my entire body weight, and it was enough to push him off balance and topple him to the side. 

The crowd howled its outrage. I didn’t dare take my eyes off Monster, aiming a punch at his face that he caught easily. He was still partially shifted, his horns sharp and pink, soaked with the blood of people he’d killed in the past. 

But he just held my fist, not trying to snap it like he could have done so easily. He just stared up at me with the saddest eyes I’d  ever seen. Looking into his black orbs was looking into an abyss of despair, and I was dying inside with him. 

“Carmen!” Sammie yelled. 

It snapped us both out of the trance, and he threw me off. I skidded into Flint’s body, and he struggled to his knees.  

The crowd was surging closer. Fuck, we were going to be torn apart. I pulled Flint to his feet. Sammie fired above everyone’s head. “No one fucking move.” 

But the crowd were past logic now. They were braying for blood. As if they mob made up its mind as one, they charged. But suddenly, there was a body in front of me. Rat’s enforcer. 

He looked over his shoulder. “Pack first,” he yelled, and I noticed there were other shapeshifters in the fray, fighting against the crowd. Shit, this was turning into a brawl. There was a bloodcurdling roar and I turned to see that Monster had turned full Wendigo. 

I wanted to vomit and piss myself. He was fucking terrifying. So thin he was almost skeletal, his face was elongated like a buck, huge pointed horns sticking from his head. He was easily seven feet and his body was hunched in on itself, and basically melted down one side. 

I was too scared to move. We were dead. 


But when he turned and charged into the enraged mob rather than at us, I was momentarily shocked into stillness. 

Rat’s enforcer, fuck I couldn’t remember his name, turned to us. “Get the fuck out of here,” he growled, his fist caving the face of a guy with a knife, before he pulled his own bowie knife, the thing big enough to gut a bear. 

*The above text is unedited and subject to change. The author asserts full copyright to the test. 

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